roof repair required

100% of the funds raised by the volunteers of Good Shepherd are used for projects in Phuket helping migrant workers and their families. These efforts include medical outreach programs, a learning center for 100+ youngsters, pre-natal care, and skills development for job enhancement. Donations, sponsorship, and fundraising help us meet the regular and unexpected expenses.

One such unexpected need is to assist in the repair of water leakage at the Blue House. At the moment, a caretaker is waiting for a sufficiently dry day to have a contractor inspect and make recommendations.

Affectionately called ‘The Blue House’ this three story building is located near the Phuket Provincial Hospital and is officially called The Good Shepherd Migrant Work Center Phuket (GMSW.) It houses a variety of people and projects and was a temporary school until the Mike Matthews Learning Center was opened December 2013. One of the larger 1st floor rooms is used as the Seeds of Change Crafts Center.

No doubt the story will continue once we get an assessment of repairs needed but the project looks significant.

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