Japanese Rotarians visit BanYa

Apparently the visit to the school could not have gone any better. The Japanese Rotarians were thrilled with the greeting they received this past week. The BanYa Learning Center students were able to say hello, thank you and good bye all in almost perfect Japanese. They performed three dances for the guests and it was simply fabulous.

Japanese Rotary visit BanYa

‘RCoPB had made contact with various clubs from Japan. Eleven Rotary members came from the Hokkaido district in Japan. These Rotary members, many of whom had been to Southern Thailand before, were happy to find projects where they could help the children. Ban Ya Learning Centre is a RCoPB project and the Rotary Club of Kushiro is donating money for a clean water project – perfect for the new school. Dr. Sasaya has raised money within his Rotary district and these clubs will be helping with a library/computer room for the Ban Ya children. This was a successful visit from the Japanese and we enjoyed drinks and meals together and we all look forward to showing them what we will be doing with their generous donations.’

Thanks to the wonderful world of Rotarians for their support of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Phuket. http://rotarypatong.org/

 Submitted by Pat Michel