Helping hashers

Somethings are easy to explain, like how to make a simple braided wristband…not unlike what you would receive from a Thai monk. Trying to explain Mountain Bike hashing was out of my domain especially with meager Thai and no Burmese language skills.

Down to only 2 expectant mothers, we had a small team today backed with Rosa and her niece visiting for the Songkran holidays. Using simple tools that included 4 nails hammered to an old board, we hand tied 120 red, white, and blue (Thai national colors) wristbands using cotton embroidery floss….in under 3 hours.

These wristbands will be used next weekend at some event where 100+ bike riders come from all over South East Asia to drink beer and tell stories. Hey, who am I to complain. They tell me more than 20 different nationalities will be represented and this is the 4th such event but the first one hosted by the Phuket Mountain Bike Hash House Harriers. You can read all about them or on their FB page here .

Supplies and/or cash donations are always welcome and we appreciate your support of the Good Shepherd projects in Phuket.

Prepared by Karen Ellison, founder & helper

Seeds of Change Crafts Center