Crafts Center

Crafts Center: ‘Sewing Seeds of Change’

Thanks to the efforts of a local women’s group, the pregnant women at the Home for Hope are being taught a variety of sewing and craft skills. Since late January 2013, expat and Thai ladies, affectionately called the “SO ‘n SO Gal Pals of Phuket” have been donating their time to help develop and transfer useful skills. The SO ‘n SO Gals are textile and art enthusiasts who like to practice and share.

Typically 90 minute sessions are held with 8-12 members of the Home for Hope once a week. The craft sessions have included: beginning crochet, knitting, cross stitch and a variety of hand stitching, paper flower making, beading, and jewelry assembly. In additional to transferring skills, the team wants the Crafts Center to become a self-sustaining entity. Marketable products will be sold at The Good Shepherd Shop with proceeds supporting other projects, as well as, funding supplies for the continued operations of the Crafts Center.

Recent fundraising efforts led by The Phuket Mulligans have provided the group with sufficient funds to outfit The Good Shepherd Shop with proper display shelves and procure sewing machines and supplies for the crafts center.

Although still in a ‘start-up’ mode, you’ll begin to find a few items branded as ‘Seeds of Change’ at upcoming events and at the shop in Laguna. These young ladies are very eager to spend their time being productive.

Home for Hope

For more about the efforts of Home for Hope, please click here.

How can you help?

Additional volunteer help can always be used. If you have a craft idea, wish to teach classes, or just want to get involved, please contact any of the SO ‘n SO Gals through our Facebook Page. Please help us complete our wish list…we have lots of items needed for our crafts center.


  • Fabrics, notions, threads, scissors, pins
  • Sewing books (with lots of pictures)
  • Storage cabinets for supplies
  • Beading & jewelry supplies (we love broken jewelry!)
  • Volunteers to help teach
  • Design & marketing skills to create & sell products
  • Commissions to make items for resale!!

For more information, you can contact Karen Ellison, our Seeds of Change Founder.