…one stitch at a time

The Blue House – is a home in Phuket Town providing support and shelter to marginalized or homeless pregnant women and operated by the Good Shepherd Sisters of Phuket.

Seeds of Change - bannerSeeds of Change – is a group of ‘Farang’ women (SO ‘n SO Gals) who have skills of various sorts that they are happy to pass on to those in need, have created a sewing and crafts haven located at the Blue House. It was started in January 2013.

“making a difference, one stitch at a time”

Mulligans support Good Shepherd with donations collected at weekly and annual golf tournaments.

The Mulligans – are a local Phuket golfing society who raise funds in the form of a charity that enables us to provide supplies for the handicraft centre at the Blue House. Up to now funds donated by the Mulligans have enabled us to refurbish the a small set of rooms and fit it out with furniture and equipment including several sewing machines that are a great help to the girls who tackle both small and large projects….the Seeds of Change group provide materials for all their projects that include making their own clothes, children’s clothes, school uniforms, blankets and quilt. The girls are also quite adept at crochet work and knitting.

Most of the girls come from homes where through necessity they need to learn how to stitch etc., our group encourages this and helps them to make their own patterns and assists with the design of various articles ….we encourage them to expand their skills and hopefully give them the confidence and means to help support themselves. Through this form of assistance it is hoped that the girls will gain a feeling of self respect and usefulness in themselves that will hopefully allow them to re-enter society and live a more stable life for themselves and their children.

Without our help these girls spend they days awaiting the birth of their babies with nothing to do other than general domestic duties…..they do take great pleasure in using their creating skills that we encourage i.e. making small items of jewelry therefore using their artistic ability in choosing style colours and content and are delighted to have something of their own to keep.

Submitted by Carol Curran