Update | Vocational Centre Patong

English Classes in Patong

It’s been a busy year, to date, with many students coming to classes each day to learn to speak, read and write English. Headed by Teacher Ya (Sarinya) and other volunteers, we are able to assist students in their goal to learn and/or improve their English. Ultimately working on their individual quest to improve their prospects in life.

Volunteers from many countries assist Teacher Ya in the classroom each day. This year we have had representatives from Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA, and Australia. Thai university students also assist in daily English classes.

The Good Shepherd Vocational Centre in Patong has been a home to more than 80 students this year, representing both new students and longer term (returning) students. The school is sensitive to student requirements, as some just want to improve their English speaking ability rather than commit to longer term studies.

In the future, we hope to better understand and meet the needs of business people with specific job training. Examples of such training include: receptionists, waitresses, masseurs, sales people, cashiers etc. We want to help equip these students with better English to assist tourists who come for holiday in Phuket.

We look forward to improving our training methods and hope we can provide students with a good learning experience.

Thanks for now from Tobe – volunteer teacher