What’s happening….

What’s happening in Phuket @ BanYa and more….

Recent money donated has helped to establish a children’s playground at St. Euphrasia BanYa Literacy Center (BanYa.) Green safety matting has also been purchased and will be laid once the weather is dry and clear.

We’re adding a kitchen! Very soon, BanYa will have a complete kitchen and help to provide several healthy meals a week to the children and staff. This is being constructed with the help of the donations. WE CAN USE MORE HELP – we are asking for donations of kitchen utensils, pots, pans and cooking items. We will also need to buy trestle tables and stools for them to sit and eat. All are gratefully received.

We will also ask for volunteers on several days a week to help prepare the food and distribute to the children. Our aim is to provide the children with a healthy lunch, milk, juice, and fresh fruit at least 3 times a week.

Specifically for our infant class, we need bed mats (for afternoon nap) and LEGO or similar construction toys, colored pencils, art paper and paint, etc. 


The Good Shepherd Thrift shop contributes to the funding of the school and other needs in the community and projects. It is a great meeting point for friends and families. Bringing pre-loved clothes and items for sale to help those in need. Clothes are distributed to the children and their families at the school and where needed. Craft from the Good Shepherd centers are also sold at the shop. Please help us spread the word. We have some beautiful items especially for Christmas.

Volunteers are needed to work at the Thrift Shop on a roster 3 half days a week. Our shop hours or operation are 10AM to 2PM on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. We are easy to find….just 2 doors from the brand new Suay Restaurant Cherngtalay.
For more information, send email to helper@goodshepherdphuket.com or contact Vivienne Reis directly.