Sewing for my baby

Young Women Sewing for Babies

At the Home for Hope – Blue House, young ladies are given a safe and clean environment to live during their pregnancy. The Seeds of Change Crafts Center was started more than a year ago to help these women learn useful skills during their pre-natal stage of motherhood. The center is also a haven for young mothers to return to develop their sewing skills.

Thanks to the hiring of an assistant for Sister Sandar, the center is literally ‘graced’ with the presence of a young lady named Grace. Among many other tasks, she is there to help tutor the young women in the development of their education and skills to prepare them for motherhood.

With funds provided by the golfing group called The Phuket Mulligans, tools and supplies are now readily available to make baby items. Lorna Schroeder is coaching Grace on how to use a baby pattern so we can advance the skills and clothing options for the newborns. Next week, she’ll assess the sample and the young ladies will make their own baby togs.

Weekly sewing workshops are conducted by Gal Pals of Phuket at the Good Shepherd Seeds of Change Crafts Center. If you would like to get involved with your time or donations, please contact We welcome useful baby and children clothing patterns you might wish to give us.