Lise from Denmark

Lise was a volunteer from Denmark at the Good Shepherd Development and Vocational Center in Patong. In addition to English Classes, she was also a wonderful helper at the Seeds of Change Crafts Center almost every Tuesday of her stay. She and her husband sent 6 months in Phuket and this was their first visit to Thailand. Here’s a short message she is sharing with us.

Greetings from Lise:

Now I have had time to look back and remember a wonderful time in Thailand. Many new friends and relationships, you will be in my heart forever. In Denmark I have been to a examen and I passed. In the exame I had to tell about what I did in Thailand and why I did it and my reflection of working with people.


Now I am on with a new exam project, where I have to write professional articles. My staying as a volunteer in Good Shepherd Phuket have inspired me to writing about humans rights, immigration and empowerment.

In Denmark it’s a very hot subject to write about, because people always think it cost money to help. But I will hope that everybody will pay with their time to give and help as a volunteer, because what you get back is very beautiful memories of smiling people you have helped.

Submitted by Lise Lotte Sørensen Drejer, Project Volunteer from Denmark