New BanYa facility

We’ve been desperate for space as the student population at BanYa Learning Center has doubled since June 2014 when we moved to our present location from Bang Jo. With the wonderful assistance of the land owner, Rotary Club of Patong, and many regular volunteers and contributors, we are about to move into a new facility.

Situated just a short distance, down the road, from our present location, there is a two-story building under construction. The present facility will be used as a nursery and all classroom instructions and students will relocate to the new BanYa Literacy & Learning Center. We hope sometime in May, subject to completion.

More good news includes adding Father ‘Joe’ Banjob as an assistant to Sister Euphrasia. He and K. Sayar, and the teaching staff are eagerly overseeing the project and hope to get the children situated into the new facility as soon as possible.

More about BanYa Learning Center can be found here.