Our projects in Phuket

1. Saint Euphrasia BanYa Literacy and Learning Center: This first school was set up in 2010 by the Rghmonya Labour Union-Operation Learning Center Projects based in Ranong. Originally called ‘Bang Jo’ it was relocated nearby with a name change, June 2014. Nearly 150 will be moved to our dedicated literacy center September 2016. Children are taught English, Math, Social Studies, Dance, History, Science and Burmese Reading and Writing with six funded teachers. Learn more here.

The Good Shepherd Phuket Vocational Training Centre in Patong.2. The Vocational Training Centre:   Many poor girls and women have never had the chance to have a proper education. They have been forced into trades that they might never have chosen themselves, especially in Patong. The center was set up to provide English, hairdressing, computer and massage courses. They are given an opportunity to improve their education, change careers and earn a decent living. There are over 500 Thai women and men enrolled at the Center. Learn more here.

Pregnant Burmese Migrant at The Home of Hope, a Good Shepherd project in Phuket Town

3. The Home of Hope: The infant mortality rate among poor migrant girls and women is extremely high in Phuket. They give birth in local construction camps in unsanitary conditions without any medical assistance. The center in Phuket Town accommodates poor girls and women, giving them a safe and clean environment throughout their pregnancy, delivery and sees them through to post natal care. Periodically, up to 15 girls stay at anyone time.  Learn more here.

Anti-trafficking programme in Phuket, Thailand by The Good Shepherd

4. Migrant Worker Outreach Program: This safe home was set up to provide shelter for anti human trafficking victims, including children. They have suffered extreme sexual and physical abuse under tremendously inhumane conditions. They are given care, support, counseling and eventually an education. Many people cannot make it back to the safe, house so outreach services are provided to those suffering in the local camps and poor villages around the outskirts of Phuket. Learn more here.

 5. Seeds of Change Crafts Center.  Thanks to the efforts of a local women’s group, the pregnant women at the Home for Hope are being taught a variety of sewing and craft skills. Members of the SO ‘n SO Gals share time to help transfer skills. Weekly two hour craft sessions are conducted in: beginning crochet, knitting, cross stitch and a variety of hand stitching, quilting, embroidery, beading, and jewelry assembly. Learn more here.   Make a difference today …. learn how you can help.

  6. Second Hand Store & Crafts Shop.  Run by volunteers, resalable clothing and other small items are donated and made available for purchase. All funds are recycled back into the projects and people supported through the above programs. Learn more here.