Mike Matthews Learning Center (Phuket Town)

Learning Center for the Good Shepherd

The school was set up in late 2010 to address the Burmese children unable to receive schooling, living in the work camps at Rasada Pier. It consisted of 3 concrete blocks with fencing around it and a roof. There we no tables or chairs, just a black board and a committed teacher. Initially 20 children enrolled for classes, varying in ages from 2 – 14. None of them had received any schooling up until this point. There are now 150 children taking classes at the new school which opened late December 2013. For the latest news, please refer to this special website.

Overall Objective:

To teach the children English, Burmese and Thai to help them integrate into the Thai workforce and become productive, educated members of society.

How Can You Help?

The New School for these amazing children is currently being built. We need all the help we can get in the building, funding, and running costs of the New School. Please visit our dedicate web page: http://theschoolphuket.weebly.com/ to learn more!


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