reclaim and rejoice

Each week volunteers lead a project and help young pregnant Burmese ladies learn and practice basic sewing skills. In the course of only two hours, a typical project can be completed. Because the participates change so frequently, projects are easily repeated throughout the year. Participants at the Seeds of Change Crafts Center are typically only in residence at the Home for Hope during the last 2-4 months of their pregnancy. The crafts center is stocked with all kinds of sewing supplies, machines, and the choice of donated fabric is a constant change.

Our claim to fame … attempting to
1) to teach the basics,
2) create something useable, and
3) do it with reclaimed fabrics and supplies.

Ambitious as it seemed, we took on a project spanning two weeks and each mom-to-be designed and completed a baby quilt. We started by giving each girl a 32″ by 36″ piece of heavy satin lining (recycled from drapes.) Each then had to sort through our boxes of cotton remnants and select their colors. Working on the floor, each started to layout their design, cut, piece, and sew. After the quilts were fully assembled, we even taught them how to make appliques to embellish their designs.

Surely no awards would be given for design or workmanship but the girls were thrilled with their creations. And most importantly, the items are functional and were all made from recycled items.

 To contact the SO ‘n SO Gals of Phuket, visit there Facebook page.
Fabric donations are also gladly accepted and can be left at the Good Shepherd Shop.