Smiles of happiness

Seeds of Change celebrates the four year and was starred by the SO ‘n SO Gals in 2013. This crafts and sewing center helps young pregnant women experience new things. Mothers-to-be learn and practice basic sewing skills and keep items they produce.

There are seven women presently in the Home for Hope program and the change is constant. Most women will join during the final 2 to 4 months of their pregnancy. Because participates come and go so quickly, it is important to share skills. On some occasions, a mother might stay for a few days or weeks following her delivery.

20 year old born in Thailand. Parents are separated and mother lives in Malaysia. She is 7 months pregnant and has 2 brothers and a sister.

The ladies are thrilled at the variety of projects we take on. Most can be completed within a two-hour session. We attempt to create projects, with supplies, which can be worked on throughout the week or at their leisure. Projects give them something to do, think about, and makes them feel proud.

Aung Naing Htat, Manager of the Anti Human Trafficking project, stresses the importance of relaxation. These ladies are exposed to beautiful things, experiencing some happiness and joy, and potentially learning a future trade. If the mother is happy, the baby in the womb is also happy and healthy.

Seeds of Change has been made possible by the funding from the Phuket Mulligans Golf Society. A good portion of our supplies are also donated by generous supports. A special thanks is extended to Mrs. Karen, as she has dedicated time and energy to keep this project going every Tuesday.

Smiles of Happiness & Concentration to Learn

24 year old, 7 months pregnant. Very dedicated to learning. Strong skills for crochet and sewing.


This beautiful quilt was stitched completely by hand
Ladies learn how to operate and clean sewing machines. We presently have 3 machines at the center and would like to purchase another one.


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