Wai Kru Celebrations at St. Euphrasia BanYa Literacy and Learning Center

What a beautiful gesture! At the beginning of every school year in Thailand, every Thai student participates in Wai Kru day or Teacher’s Day. Wai Kru day is always held on a Thursday, as this is thought to be an auspicious day by Thai Buddhists.

Wai Kru day is the day of the year when Thai students show the most respect to their teachers by participating in a big school ceremony. At this time, they thank their teachers for the knowledge they have given them, for the gift of learning and also wish them good luck in the future school year and their future lives.

On Wai Kru day students come to school with flowers and gifts for their teachers. At St Euphrasia BanYa Literacy and Learning Center the children make their own floral arrangements. They use traditional flowers, plants, banana leaves and incense in the larger arrangements, all of which have different meanings, such as, patience, respect and discipline.

With this beautiful gesture the children presented their teachers, Sister Euphrasia Mesomklin and the volunteers with flowers, garland and arrangements they had made.

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